Happy Schemers

“...it did not take me more then 1 day out of the
15 day trial to find that it was a great program...”

Some kind words from our happy customers

"I am so color deprived -- which is so sad considering how I make my living -- that I seriously use this app whenever I start a new design."

Adam Howell

"I'm very, very impressed with your software. It really shows that you had ease of use and developers in mind. You've made my job a lot easier! (I wish I had run across Color Schemer Studio earlier :)"

"I'm pretty heavily colorblind, and having your product has helped me tremendously in putting together some really great looking schemes!"

Adam J. Zwierko

"Before today I never even knew ColorSchemer existed and somehow I cannot even imagine how I succeeded in web design before using it!"

"This is certainly a fantastic piece of kit for any serious web designer and it has certainly saved me a lot of hours in rework."

Ade Rowley

"I just wanted to congratulate you and thank you for what has got to be one of the most amazing, functional, helpful and useful site design tools on the Internet."

"I have been having a real struggle developing a suitable color scheme for this one picky client I have and your site has, I think, saved both the project and me."

"This was a work of genius and a gift to the whole design community."

Andrew King

"This is the first step to a new world of design for me."

Andy Stratton

"As a decorative artist, who also does webdesign, this application is TOP. Using the Color Schemer gives me the same artistic freedom as using my color wheel and I save hours!"

Anne Strebe

"You have the easiest color picker to work with out there! And believe me, I've seen quite a few tonight! "


"I'm a customer and just wanted to say thank you for ColorSchemer. It's a tremendous tool that no web designer should be without."

Audrey Schuman Russo

"Fantastic job on this application... has helped greatly for several websites so far!"

Benjamin Curtin

"There was no way I couldn't buy the software after trying it once. This program is amazing when designing sites. I am only sorry that I didn't find it sooner."

Bianca Rosenbaum

"Yours is a very fresh, fresh approach to creating pleasing and exciting color schemes."

"I have looked at all of the color scheme creation programs and yours is the king of the hill and it is fun to use."

Bill Boyd

"This is a wonderful tool. Beats the hell out of spending 4 years studying color theory. :-)"

Bob Cohen

"I don't know how I managed to design without your software! It's easy to use, and my end results are always phenomenal! Thank you sooooooooo much!!"

Bren Boone

"Thanks for making a great, simple and useful app. Been waiting years for something like this."


"ColorPix is the best tool I have ever seen on the net to pick colors. Great job keep up the good work! Amazing."

Brian Calloway

"I just instantly fell in love with this program."

Brooke Novak

"I've been stylin' with your program for a couple months. I can't believe it took me this long to find the website preview option. I feel like I should send you more money. What a great feature!"


"Thanks for making a great program. I wouldn't be able to design websites without it, it helps streamline my entire creative process."

Bryan Lademann

"I cannot believe what WONDERFUL customer support I'm getting when I haven't even purchased your product as of yet!! WOW!"

"Instead of endless clicking around in PhotoShop, it was sooooooo easy to enter the color in Color Schemer, then click the lighten button a few times until I found "The Color"."

"My client LOVES her website & the colors. AND a Marie Claire magazine editor that is a friend of hers LOVES the website too!!! Very exciting!!"

Carroll Christie

"I love this tool and will be announcing it on my website and on my next show. You guys have filled a need that we web developers dream of!"

Chris Curtis

"The fun part was getting to play with Color Schemer during all this. And now everybody's complimenting me on how beautiful my color scheme is. :-)"

Cindy Englan Stanley

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love ColorSchemer. Every designer should have it. Thank you for a great product, and a great site!"

"I just bought it, but I wish I could have got it 10 years ago. It would have saved me hundreds of hours of messing around with color schemes!"

Craig McDermid

"I want to thank you for such a great product. I really need the power of ColorSchemer to do my work every day and it fits the bill very well."

"I probably spend about 4 hours a day (for a few weeks) in the coloring phase of my work. I can't live without ColorSchemer."

Dave Gregory

"Thank you for saving me from hours and days of endless color adjustments. Color Schemer makes the whole process of designing websites more fun."

"I am no color pro, but Color Schemer has allowed me to look spectacular in front of clients, friends and associates. It's the designer's secret weapon!"

Diane Vigil

"I've enjoyed your software so much over the last few years, that I just purchased another full license instead of upgrading my old license."

"Your product has been a tremendous help to me over the years. Please keep up the excellent work."

Donald Boston

"LOVE the program and the support is one of the best I've ever experienced and I've, literally, purchased over a thousand programs over the years."

"You've got a great product, at a great price, and the support is second to none...PERIOD."

Douglas Hemphill

"I'm just very happy using your product, that's all ;) Great results!"

Eddie Cristea

"I have been using your product with great success and now I have even more reason to tell my friends and co workers about you - you have GREAT customer service!!!"

Eric Stilan

"Thank you and congratulations for achieving a perfect quality product!"

Eugene Klein

"Wow! Color Schemer Studio OSX is an incredible product. Exactly what I've been looking for. Well done!"

Gary Utley

"Wow. This site is seriously a delight. From the colors, simplicity, programs, and customization ... you really can't beat it!"

Greg Althoff

"Thanks again for producing one of the most useful pieces of software ever!"

"The ColorSchemer software just keeps getting better and better! Purchasing your software was the best thing I did! Please keep up the good work!"

Howard Yamaguchi

"I was able to snag every color on the website I was working on with practically no effort at all."

"I'm really glad I found this software; picking color schemes is always the part of website design that I dread."

Ian Beck

"I've used your products for years!!!

Your stuff truly deserves the description of "Insanely Great!!!""

"I love it when a nice cool little company produces kickass products like you guys do!"

James Nordstrom

"I love your program and your website color schemes are also great."

"Thanks for making a good product and with good support. I will refer your product to others."

Janice Strong

"I have been spoiled and just can not live without my Color Schemer anymore!"

"What a great program and so reasonably priced!"

Jayne Richards

"I love your software & use it all the time in developing sites for my clients. Thank you for making such a great product!"

Jenny Arnez

"Thanks for producing a great product. My color skills are not that good and the Color Schemer really solves that problem."

Jerry A. Smith

"...a terrific product - I can't believe I didn't know about it before. Now I can get rid of all of these various bookmarks for color pickers I no longer need."

Jessica Wiseman

"Thanks for the most unbelievable service.

Many thanks for your support. What a difference it makes."

John Miller

"Great program -- well thought-out and works flawlessly. It's not too often that you find a program this good at such a fair price. "

John White

"I really love your software and it did not take me more then 1 day out of the 15 day trial to find that it was a great program and will be of much use for me."

Jon Holderman

"I've been using Color Schemer Studio for OS X for a few days now and love it."

"I just love this software."

Jon Nagle

"I have used this for years and it's the best of it's kind!"

Kathy Shank

"Color Schemer is a great product. Previously I had to ferret around in Fireworks or Photoshop to develop my palettes, now it takes a fraction of the time with Color Schemer to achieve a better result."

"Another web developer in our building noticed me using Color Schemer - needless to say he thought it was terrific and the answer to all his color woes."

Kendall Taylor

"This program is one I have wanted and bitched about forever. Brilliant. Thank you."

Kevin Olson

"This is the kind of business model and customer service that encourages my loyalty to your company and software, and my referrals to my friends and associates."

Kirk VandenBerghe

"Not FIVE minutes ago (I am not kidding) I was once again saying to myself that Color Schemer is the only tool other than Photoshop that I could NOT do without."

"You folks are AMAZING! Not only is your product superior, but so is your service to your customers!

Thank you VERY much!"

Klaus Gebhardt

"I'm excited and very happy with my purchase of Color Schemer Studio ... "WOW!" about sums it up :)"

Linda Kotarba

"First off, I'd like to begin by saying that I think the Color Schemer is possibly one of the most useful tools for web design I have ever come across."

Logan DeAngelis

"Our studio had a demo copy and all the designers thought it was a God send (your software)."

Mark Harris

"We are the largest distance learning program in Texas and are always looking for ways to improve our distance learning web site. Color Schemer Studio will be a big help for us."

Mark L Stevens

"I've been designing a brochure for an upcoming meeting and the colors were just not working. So I used my brand new handy dandy Color Schemer Studio software and PRESTO! Colors everyone loves..."

"Thanks so much for making my life soooooooo much easier!"

Mary Brick

"The PhotoSchemer is a great way to create original vivid colour schemes and is probably worth the money itself."

"Color Schemer is a very useful product and certainly worth the investment for any web designer."

Matt Dawson

"Color Schemer has helped me understand much about web design and using it has kicked me to the next level of design -- not only on the web, but all design."

Melody Romancito

"Just wanted to let someone know that I love this site. I love the color schemes. It's a great way for my customers to see different color schemes without me spending the time to make them. Thank you!!!"

Micah Brewer

"My work would've been considerably more grueling if it hadn't been for Color Schemer Studio, which is just a damn near perfect application for assisting in web design."

Michael Heilemann

"Thank you very much for your FAST reply. I had version 3 running less than 2 minutes after receiving your email!

That's terrific customer service for a great product."

Michael Murray

"Of all the software I have registered over the year, Color Schemer is definitely the program that I have gotten the most use out of."

"Whenever I face the prospect of not having the program, I get antsy."

Michael Pate

"I've purchased a ton of these paper charts that give you example sets of colors, but find them really limiting. I've been looking for something just like ColorSchemer for a long time now."

Mike Barnett

"As a fun note, whenever a client doesn't know what color scheme they want, the "randomize" feature works wonders for inspiration."

"I wish I was the creator of this tool, so I could be as cool as you."

Mike Burden

"Thanks for your help. By the way, you folks always have great customer service. I thought you should know."

Mike Quibuyen

"Thank you for your assistance. Your dedication to customer service is refreshing."

Mike Savely

"With your product I can find a matching color scheme without having to check with 5 people to find out if the colors I used don't interfere..."

Mischa Coster

"Your tool and service are outstanding!"

Mitko Gerensky-Greene

"Your customer service is triple A+."

"I felt that the little guy was important to you. I will definitely recommend your product to everyone I come in contact with that works in this field."

Nancy Brosious

"Now I don't have to spend too much time playing around with different colour schemes. I can spend more time designing stuff!!"


"I have used Color Schemer to create schemes for 12 sites, some of them BIG!

I don't really know of a program quite this useful that is to do with the visual aspect of the internet."

Phil Chave

"Thank you so much and wow seriously fast customer support! I would be nowhere without my color schemer!"

Rebecca Gold

"The Studio version looks to be ridiculously useful."

"My compliments on one of the best design tools out there."

Rich Bailey

"This is the best color matching software I have used! I love the addition of the web page color view. It makes my job really easy. Keep up the good work!"

Russ Miller

"I'm so impressed with your product. There are so many color widgets out there but nothing as straight-forward to use and yet robust in functionality."

"Wow, you have saved me a lot of time and hassle. Okay, sorry, I'm gushing now. Let me close with a little dignity still intact by simply saying, thank you."

Sabrina Lorah

"I absolutely LOVE your program and, since using the demo, do not know how I ever lived without it!"

Sandy Warowitz

"My clients have been amazed with how quickly I can suggest a color scheme for their project. I recommend it highly and I feel lost without it!"

"Now I know that the support for Color Schemer is also top notch, the best I have encountered during 8 years in the IT industry."

Siobhaun Shapcott

"This is an indispensable tool for webmasters with insufficient color skills. One of my essential tools! Thanks a lot."


"I use it exclusively when developing color schemes for clients' web sites because it is so easy to use, and the schemes are such a perfect fit.

A terrific product!"

Stephen Mareches

"I just wanted to say I love your free ColorPix application. Easily one of the most useful tools to any person working with graphics and web design."


"Your product is awesome and has saved me so so much time in the last week. You have taken hours of research and color searching out of my job."

Tammy Wolf

"Your Color Schemer Studio software is a wonderful piece of work! "Wow" is the only word I can think of to describe how simple it is. I have been using the free trial and truly love it."

Thomas Stader

"Your product is great and truly helpful for anyone -- from the aspiring student to the uber-design guru."

Tim Feeley

"Wow! This is by far the best color program I have seen."

Tommy White

"It's sooo time saving with working out my colour schemes which in turn saves time for my all over job, that means my profit is improved for my design work."

"I used to mess around so much just trying to get the right colours, now it's easy."

Vicki Stebbins

"Thank you for your great product! I love Color Schemer Studio and use it all the time."

Warren Puckett

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I'm a webmaster, but terrible when it comes with colors (my thing is more the background programming kind of things!). This tool is exactly what I needed."