Pocket full of palettes

“Wow! This is by far the best color program I have seen.”

[ios]FREEv1.0ColorSchemer TouchiPhone®/iPod touch®

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Put over a million palettes in your pocket with ColorSchemer Touch.

Turn your iPhone®/iPod touch® into an endless source of ideas and inspiration from the 450,000-member COLOURlovers creative design community.

ColorSchemer Touch makes it fun and easy to explore, create, interact, and share your color ideas - whenever inspiration strikes.


Browse palettes

Browse over 1 million pre-made color palettes

Connect to the COLOURlovers community to browse through over a million member-created color palettes, with hundreds more being added every day.

Search palettes

Search for the perfect palette

Tap out a few keywords ("ocean", "sunset", "spring") to find exactly the mood or theme you're looking for, right at your fingertips.


PhotoSchemer: palettes from photos

Pull color palettes from photos

Create unique palettes from your camera or photo library, and capture the colors in the world around you.

Color wheel

Spin the color wheel

Visualize color harmonies and relationships on the built-in pocket color wheel. You can even tap the wheel to watch it spin like a real-life artist color wheel.


Go beyond the color wheel with LiveSchemes

Use the LiveSchemes tool to rotate color palettes with a quick tap, all while maintaining their harmony relationships.


Palette details

Connect with the COLOURlovers community

Share the love to let others know how much you like their work, or bookmark your favorite palettes so you'll always be able to find them later.

Palette comments

Comment from your perspective

Get social! Share your thoughts on your favorite palettes, or get feedback from the community on your own creations.


Sync palettes

Sync your palettes with COLOURlovers

Automatically sync your palettes with your free COLOURlovers account, so you'll have them wherever you go, or on the web.

Share palettes

Share palettes with others

Email your favorite palettes to friends and co-workers, or save them right to your camera roll.

Even More Goodies

ColorSchemer Touch also comes with a few other helpful tools and tricks, including:

  • Spectrum picker

    Pick colors as easily as dragging your finger across the color spectrum.

  • Color sliders

    Tap the color wheel to pop up RGB sliders to pick your base color.

  • Drag & drop

    Creating your own palette is as easy as dragging & dropping colors onto the palette bar. You can even rearrange the order of colors, or drag them off to remove them.

  • Fullscreen palette previews

    Tap the palette display on the palette details screen to expand it to fullscreen for a more focused view.

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