The Story
I’m laying in my bedroom, setting up my new MacBook Pro, and wondering how to upgrade my work setup. One of my biggest life problems: the color apps that I had been using were web-based, and I couldn’t use them offline.
My desperation turned me to the App Store; maybe it’s worth paying for a native app? My higher self spoke; “Max, you’re trippin’, just go spend like ten bucks, it’ll make your life so much easier.”
Much to my surprise, there was nothing half good on there. All of the sudden, I had become eager to buy something, but had nothing to buy. I decided I must build something, and well, soon, I'll be asking you for your ten bucks.

Color Schemer Helps You Achieve a Professional Look

Today, apps are simpler than ever, which means that getting the small things right matters more than ever. Whatever you may want to communicate — that you are fun, trendy, or reliable — few things will get that across as effectively as your colors. Color Schemer will help you set the right tone by providing you a large, flexible and complete selection of colors to choose from.

Color Schemer Gets You Away From the “Magic”

There are many applications available to generate color palettes, and some are definitely better than others. However, in the process of automating things, everyone has forgotten about the designer, and their role in determining the needs of the task at hand! Color Schemer is here to bring that power back to designers, because our brains still run the best algorithms.
Color Schemer brings you back to the basics like never before. First, you gain full control over how colors are displayed, and how you interact with them. Second, in addition to receiving complementary, split complementary, triad and tetrad palettes, you can get a flexible range of analogous and monochromatic colors. Third, it’s loaded with convenient native features to help you get into the flow.

Color Schemer Will Mac’ a Lot of Designers ‘Appy

The convenience of having a native app like this on your dock, and the comfort that native support can bring to apps like this, cannot be overstated.
For example, when you have a color in your clipboard, you can paste it anywhere in the app and Color Schemer will know what to do with it.
Similarly, when you right-click on a color, it’ll go straight to your clipboard in any format that you’d like, and… 🥁 you can even specify your own format.
As you explore, you’ll never have to worry about losing a color, as Color Schemer’s undo stack saves up to 100 colors, and stashes them when you close the app.

Status: Available on the macOS App Store

Color Schemer started out as a solution to my problem, and… well.. I have a feeling it will evolve into a (good) problem of it’s own. Download it today and let me know if you agree. If not, just hit me up and I’ll give you a full refund. 💫
If you’re on Windows, honestly, along with the M1 chips, there has never been a better time to switch to Mac. Regardless, a Windows version is in the works and you can subscribe for an update on the official website.
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